The Country Club Roofs

Client  |  The Country Club
Project Location  |  Brookline, MA
Date of Completion  |  November 2016
Project Size  |  30,000 s.f. on 3 Buildings
Budget  |  $950,000

Evaluation of existing roof conditions and assemblies on three different buildings. Designing and detailing different roof systems for three buildings including fully-adhered EPDM, fully adhered PVC, and SBS-Modified Bitumen roofing systems. Conducted bidding and Construction Administration.

Design, documentation, and construction work was performed under tight timeframes to help the Owner meet necessary schedules and minimize downtime of these active buildings. The project also included the installation of an industrial coating system on the exposed interior steel barrel vaulted roof structure.

Work designed and detailed concurrently on all three buildings to provide a more cost effective project to the Owner. Work included the barrel vaulted roof over a tennis building with clay courts and high interior moisture levels.