The Country Club Roofs

Client  |  The Country Club
Project Location  |  Brookline, MA
Date of Completion  |  November 2016
Project Size  |  30,000 s.f. on 3 Buildings
Budget  |  $950,000

The Challenge: To perform design, documentation and construction work under tight time frames to help the Owner meet necessary schedules and minimize downtime of these active buildings.

Project Scope:

  • Evaluation of existing roof conditions and assemblies on three different buildings.

  • Designing and detailing different roof systems for three buildings including fully-adhered EPDM, PVC, and SBS-Modified Bitumen roofing systems.

  • Conducted Bidding and Construction Administration.

  • Installation of an industrial coating system on the exposed interior steel barrel vaulted roof structure.

  • Work designed and detailed concurrently on all three buildings to provide a more cost effective project to the Owner.

  • Work included the barrel vaulted roof over a tennis building with clay courts and high interior moisture levels.