About Us

Firm Overview

Founded in 1992, Stephen J. Wessling Architects, Inc. has grown into a full service, multidisciplinary firm with a broad level of experience in Architectural & Interior Design, Building Envelope, Historical Restoration and Professional Services.

The vision of our client is at the core of our design process.  We address every project as a single integrated design. We have gained vast experience from studying and fixing premature building failures and preserving the integrity of design for the benefit of our extensive client base of colleges and universities, municipalities, property developers and managers.

Wessling Architects’ expertise in investigating, identifying, designing and prioritizing cost effective repair solutions has earned the firm continued business for the past two decades. 

Our Philosophy

We strive for a comprehensive, fully dynamic and innovative design that evokes the narrative of the client while enhancing the integrity of the building. 

Our Vision

We practice architecture by balancing art and building science to create a legacy of sustainable, functional and beautiful architecture that will serve and inspire for generations.