New England Conservatory | Jordan Hall

Client  |  New England Conservatory
Project Location  |  Boston, MA
Project Size  |  110,000 s.f.
Date of Completion  |  Fall 2009
Budget  |  $16 million (approx.)

Boston Preservation Alliance Preservation Achievement Award (2010)

Project Scope:

  • Restore exterior of the 1903 National Historic Landmark Jordan Hall building.

  • Restoration of exterior masonry included limestone repair and replacement, repointing mortar joints with historically appropriate mortars, and delicately performed masonry cleaning.

  • Replaced damaged portions of the original African marble columns and rosettes on the façade which required diligent research and selection of a close match from Italy.

  • Original windows on the public facades were carefully removed, restored and reinstalled.

  • All of the restoration work was performed in strict accordance with the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation and reviewed by the Massachusetts Historical Commission to assure the long term integrity of this National Landmark.