260 Tremont Street

Client  |  Healthcare Trust of America, Inc.
Project Location  |  Boston, MA
Date of Completion  |  November 2016
Project Size  |  45,000 s.f.
Budget  |  $1.5 million (approx.)

The Challenge: To develop a cost effective long term repair to many areas of spalled concrete that were in danger of becoming falling hazards to pedestrians below.

Project Scope:

  • Multi-phase exterior restoration at the Wang Theatre which consisted of three coated pre-cast concrete facades on the Tremont elevation and two adjacent North and South elevations.

  • Project began as a City of Boston Ordinance Report survey but upon discovering significant deterioration of the concrete façade, evolved into a full scale exterior façade restoration project.

  • Repairs to flush portions of the façade, and parapet to recreate the dentil work, cornice band, lion's heads and decorative theatre heads which had deteriorated over time.

  • Glass-Fiber-Reinforced-Polymer (GRFP) panels were installed in cases where spalling and deterioration were so severe and there was no sound back up. These lightweight, carefully molded panels replicated the original shape of the lion's heads, cornice sections and window spandrels they were to replace.

  • A waterproof elastometric membrane coating was applied over the entire pre-cast concrete façade to unite the various repair methods and create a uniform aesthetic appearance.