NEC - Jordan Hall

Client  |  New England Conservatory
Project Address  |  Boston, MA
Budget  |  $16 Million (Approx.)

The Conservatory is the oldest independent school of music in the United States, founded in 1867. Historic Jordan Hall, the centerpiece of the school, and three other buildings underwent exterior renovations.

The 1,013-seat Jordan Hall, with extraordinary acoustics, has been central to the musical life of New England since 1903. The design and shop drawings for the project were reviewed by the Massachusetts Historic Commission to be sure that they were in compliance with the National Landmarks program.

There were a number of challenges in the renovations that included; the lack of original blueprints, finding the marble to match the original African marble columns and rosettes on Jordan Hall’s façade and restoring the windows to meet with the Secretary of the Interiors/National Parks standards.

After months of research, the closest match in marble was located in Italy. Wessling and the Massachusetts Historical Commission approved the marble before installation. The damaged limestone was replaced and the entire façade was cleaned to remove 100 years of grime. All of the masonry joints on the façade were either cut and repointed or given new sealants.

Windows located on the public facades facing Huntington Avenue and Gainsborough Street were restored in accordance with Secretary of the Interiors/National Parks standards, which required them to be removed, restored and reinstalled, not replaced with new.