Boston Scientific - Marlborough Campus

Client  |  Boston Scientific
Project Location  |  Marlborough, MA
Project Size  |  Approx. 70,000 s.f. of structural skin; 10,000 s.f. of metal flashing; and 35,000 s.f. of sealant replacement
Budget  |  $3.93 million (approx.)

In the late fall of 2014, Wessling Architects completed a unique multi-building facade renovation project for Boston Scientific at their Marlborough, Massachusetts campus. The challenge facing the project team was how to update the appearance of three large existing office buildings and visually tie them together with a fourth brand new, contemporary office building. The facades of the three original buildings, constructed in the early 1980s, were primarily composed of precast concrete panels with an exposed aggregate, and alternating bands of extruded aluminum and glass ribbon windows.

Knowing that the existing precast panels and window systems would have to remain, and that disruption of the occupants within the buildings would need to be minimized, Wessling Architects began exploring ways to cover or clad the facades. Finally, Wessling Architects struck upon the idea of applying Conproco Structural Skin, a fiber reinforced cement-based coating, to the vertical surfaces of the original building's precast panels.

Every detail of the design was carefully considered and often mocked up ahead of time to understand its constructibility, long-term resistance to environmental factors, general durability, and overall aesthetic impact.

The result of this intense collaboration was a high quality project delivered to Boston Scientific which achieved their goal of a unified corporate campus projecting an image of equality and progressive thinking to both employees and visitors alike.