420 Boylston Street

Client  |  A.W. Perry
Project Location  |  Boston, MA
Date of Completion |  November 2014
Project Size  |  15,500 s.f.
Budget  |  $450,000

420 Boylston Street, aka "The Berkeley Building" is a 6 story commercial building constructed in 1905. Wessling Architects was engaged by A.W. Perry to assist with a roof replacement. The existing roof was a ballast EPDM that was coming to the end of its life cycle. The client was proactive and decided to completely remove the existing roof and replace it with a new reinforced adhered EPDM system. The project took place at one of the busiest intersections and sidewalks in Boston, all while the building remained fully occupied. There were many surprises with the existing roof deck that was discovered during construction but the project team was able to adjust and keep the project moving with minimal impact to the schedule. Wessling Architects provided the owner with a better protected building, additional insulation thickness and a 20 year warrantee. Wessling Architects is fortunate to work with A.W. Perry and their team on this property's maintenance and multiple other properties in Boston and on the South Shore.