260 Franklin Street

Client  |  Jones Lang LaSalle
Project Location  |  Boston, MA
Project Size  |  23 stories, 16,000 s.f.

Wessling Architects conducted test cuts and a survey of the existing original roof system to determine its condition and construction. Based on the testing and survey results, it was recommended that all of the existing roof systems be completely removed and replaced in all three roof locations. The penthouse and main levels had their existing roofs replaced with a new insulated Sarnafil PVC system; while the cooling tower had its existing roof replaced with a new insulated fluid applied Sika system. All roof edge metal and flashings were removed and replaced, and steel columns supporting a series of louvers were removed, rehabilitated, and reinstalled.

The existing building site in downtown Boston has restricted access. A Garlock Hoist had to be used to stock the job and remove debris, as it was the only practical way to access the roof. A large reinforced concrete "apron" that was in place around the entire perimeter of the main level had to be cut up and removed prior to the start of re-roofing work. Other considerations were the building's location in a coastal wind zone, positive pressure inside the building, and a tight schedule dictating that the project be undertaken during the winter.

With all special factors taken into consideration a new, energy efficient, integrated roof system with a projected 20 year minimum lifespan was completed.