The Neighborhood Club of Quincy

Client  |  The Neighborhood Club of Quincy
Project Location  |  Quincy, MA
Project Size  |  1,053 s.f. of dining area, 1,141 s.f. of grill area

The new Dining Room finishes with it soft yellows, grayed cool tones, creates an intimate setting for quiet dining. Articulation of space is expressed through narrow strips of wood that rise up one side of the room and extend across the ceiling to end just before meeting the opposite wall. This detailing is mirrored in the carpeting layout below. The main dining area is bracketed by a new service center at one end and a stone clad fireplace at the other. Full height door frames and a variety of lighting fixtures further define space.

The angled entry to the new Grill sets the tone for a dynamic, interactive space. This sense of movement is enhanced by floor and ceiling details that lead directly to the bar. Black and shades of gray are highlighted with splashes of red. A new French door and sidelight system leads to patio dining.

Scope: Interior alterations of the existing Member’s Dining Room and Lounge have been developed from the client’s desire for a fresh design approach to attract and retain new members. The work includes limited demolition of interior walls, removal of all existing finishes and millwork, entry reconfiguration, and new doors and sidelights leading to a dining patio. Exterior alterations include re-cladding of the West and South facades.