The Coddington Building

Client City of Quincy, Massachusetts
Project Location |  Quincy, MA
Project Size  |  40,000 s.f. (approx.)
Date of Completion  |  June 2014
Budget  |  $10 million (approx.)

Paul E. Tsongas Award (2015)

Coddington Building (formerly known as Coddington Hall) is a Colonial Revival style building constructed in 1909 as an elementary school.  Designed by Charles A. Brigham, the building is a three story, red brick structure with a raised basement with window openings, rectangular plan and composite hip roof.

The building was restored and renovated to provide new space for a number of City of Quincy Department offices.  The project includes, but not limited to, restoration of exterior masonry, new slate roof, copper gutters, new galvanized metal fascia, soffit and dentils to match the original, new windows, new interior and office meeting spaces, new mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems, new utility services to the building, new landscaping, site paving and exterior lighting.

Significant interior, character defining features include a central entrance hall at the south elevation and large central corridors on the first and second levels. Custom detailed door and window moldings, wood doors with transoms, handrails, wainscoting, high ceilings and other decorative elements dating to 1909, which are significant to the historical character of the building.