20-21 Custom House Street

Client  |  Jones Lang LaSalle
Project Location  |  Boston, MA
Project Size  |  Total: 28,600 s.f. (20 Custom House: 18,000 s.f.; 21 Custom House: 10,600 s.f.)
Date of Completion  |  September 2017
Budget  |  $1.5 million

In August of 2017, Wessling Architects completed two roof replacements for Jones Lang LaSalle at two buildings, 20 & 21 Custom House Street. Both buildings have sizable main roofs, a penthouse roof, multiple mechanical spaces and lower floor roofs. They were both built in 1988 and still had their original EPDM and in some cases, ballast roof systems in place at the start of the project.

The project scope on both buildings involved full removal of the existing roof systems and all associated flashings so that a new roof system could be installed. Bidders were required to submit prices to install either a PVC roof system or an EPDM roof system. Ultimately, due to cost and energy efficiency, a Sika Sarnafil PVC roof system was chosen for both buildings. Feeley, McAnespie Inc. (FMI) was the contractor who performed this work.

Upon completion of the project, Wessling Architects performed roof seam probing and Electronic Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) as part of the final punch-list to ensure a water tight roof system that will help make the buildings more energy efficient and last for years to come.